Protect Your Emotional Immune System This Holiday Season

Raise your hand if the holidays stress you out sometimes. Keep your hand in the air…raise your other hand if you often end up exhausted or sick around the holiday season. Now wrap both arms around yourself and give yourself a nice big hug. Hug yourself and repeat after me:

“I will take extra special care of myself during this holiday season. I mean it, I will…

And every single day…

I will take time for myself to eat well, to get plenty of healing sleep, and take a mid day power nap when I can.

I will wake up early enough to have time to gather my thoughts through prayer, journaling or meditation.

I will take 10 minutes to listen closely to my body, mind and heart.

I will avoid being around people who drain my energy and power.

I will do 1 intentional act of kindness for myself. I will do 1 intentional act of kindness for someone I love. I will do 1 intentional act of kindness for a stranger.

I will plug into the earth’s healing force by going barefoot in the grass, soaking my feet in fresh water, or doing a little gardening and getting my hands in the soil- whether indoors or outdoors. 

I will go outside in the fresh air and get at least 20 minutes of sunlight (or just daylight if it is cloudy). 

I will take a walk, do my favorite exercise, or dance around for 30 minutes or more for the pure joy of being able to do so.

I will gently stretch, balance and strengthen myself with yoga, pilates or whatever works best for me, to be more comfortable in my own skin.

I will surround myself with people who make me laugh out loud.

I will focus on loving.”

Terry Barnett-Martin, LMFT, Licensed Relationship Therapist and Life Purpose Coach, is the award winning author of Tending Fences: Building Safe and Healthy Relationship Boundaries. (949)709-2445 Email: