Re-Energize and Reboot by Plugging into the Earth

47013710 - relaxation outdoors - thinking young woman resting on grass with bare feet with green surrounding, profile view, summer daylightLife can begin moving at a sprinter’s pace at this time of the year as the beginning of Fall signals a new school year, a race to a year end finish in the business world, and anticipation of the upcoming holiday season. Though this are all part of the rhythm of life, it can leave us feeling stressed and drained sometimes. Whenever you feel at lose ends and you want the comfort of a solid foundation, get grounded by touching the earth beneath your feet.

Studies have shown that Grounding or Earthing calms your system by neutralizing the frenetic free radicals that bounce around inside your body. Getting in direct contact with the earth energizes you like a battery. It can heal and strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation, decrease anxiety and depression, and enhance your overall wellbeing. The best medicine nature has to offer is free for the taking.

Barefoot in the Grass: Spending just 10 minutes a day barefoot on the grass can calm you down and help you focus. Laying on the ground, especially relaxing on your stomach, can sooth a stressed digestive system.

Gardening: Gardening with your bare hands in toxic free soil can change your outlook, and replace stress with a deep sense of calm.

Walking on the Beach: Walking on the beach with the sand gently massaging your feet, especially if you dip your toes into the water, changes the frenetic positive ions in your body to the calming negative ions. If you can’t get to a beach, the same effect can be had with a soothing bath, shower or swim.

Any time you touch the earth with your bare skin it begins to repair and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Try it today. Take a 10-minute break from whatever you are doing, slip off you shoes and recharge your energy by plugging into the earth.

Peace be yours today.

For further information about earthing, check out the following links: or

Terry Barnett-Martin, LMFT