You Can Always Begin Again

11133716_l(1) I love New Years, not for the parities or fireworks or hoopla, but for the precious moments I have to look at the year behind me and decide what I want to leave behind and what I want to take with me into the New Year. I spend the last few days of every year gleaning everything I can from it, noting every lesson I learned so I don’t have to keep starting from scratch. And I envision what I want to do and how I want to be in the New Year. It is not about resolutions; rather it is a natural pause to notice my progress as a human soul and to look ahead a bit to chart the next course. I have learned that life is not a run on sentence. It has commas, semicolons and periods so we can sort it all out and find the messages. Each of us has our own path and message and when we listen closely we can find our way.
I took some quiet time to listen and here is what came to me.

Tune in to My Own Voice
This past year I learned a number of times how important it is to listen to my own voice when making decisions. Somewhere around mid year I felt like I was constantly in the middle of a major traffic jam. Honking horns, some expletives being thrown around, inching only slowly in the direction I thought I should go. Frustrated and tired I thought there must be another way. So I closed my eyes to listen for direction. As always happens, a solution made its way to me, and suddenly a side street came into view. I easily got over so I could make the important turn and voila, I was on my way. I have learned this lesson over an again in my life, sometimes weekly, but I think I might be getting quicker on the uptake.

Stay On My Side of the Fence
Since the beginning of writing Tending Fences, I have focused well on creating respectful fences that protect me when I need it. But in some extremely important relationships I have been less than stellar on the other side of that…the fences I need to build to keep me on my side of the fence. My intention for this year is to take responsibility for making strong and sturdy fences of respect, especially with my beloveds. It is not just that I want to stop jumping over the fence uninvited. I want to stop wanting to fix things, pave the way, or solve problems unsolicited. The truth is we each have our own answers and we need the time and space to find them.

Listen to My Body
When I was lost in the traffic jam in my mind last year, I was constantly stressed out and I could not hear my body’s messages. I know that the stress took its toll. And though I feel pretty okay, I have quite a road to the optimal health I envision. I want to be healthy in body, mind and spirit, so I have to take action. I need to move more, a lot more. And I know for me that exercise needs to have a fun or meditative purpose to it, so I have chosen three activities that I enjoy and I am making them part of my weekly routine. Pilates and Tai Chi I prefer doing alone and quietly. But the dancing part of my plan is something that is so much more fun with a friend. I am going to try Jazzercise or Zumba, and I’m hoping a friend would like to go. If not, perhaps I will make new friends in the class.

Meditate More
I don’t know about you, but my mind is wildly noisy with thoughts and ideas most of the time, and I really need to turn down the volume. I have meditated a bit here and there, and my intention for the New Year is to make it part of my daily routine like sleeping, eating and grooming. I know whenever I make time for it the benefits are amazing. I often get inspirations, new ideas, and a calm that steadies me.

Love Better
I want to love people, all souls, truly love without requirements, without judgment, and without fear. However, I have a natural tendency to analyze and seek solutions, which can be helpful in many instances. But it can stand in my way of regarding people and situations through the wisdom and understanding of pure love. I want to see through the lens of love. I want to allow forgiveness to flow and let kindness be my first inclination. This is my main theme for this year.

These are my intentions for this next chapter. I invite you to ponder the wisdom you gained last year and take a little time to sort out what you want to bring with you into this year and what you want to leave behind. Consider what you want to do and how you want to be this year? And remember…you can always begin again. Blessings on you this New Year!